AC Charger Test

AC Chargers rarely fail. The only known problems have been with the in-line fuse with the 24V chargers. We now replace this fuse with a Blade fuse, and it has not been a problem. Since an AC charger is regulated, it should not over-charge a battery. However, to test the charger, it needs to be hooked up to a battery.

  1. Verify the charger is plugged in. (LED should be on)

    -Charger should only be plugged into a circuit with a Ground Fault Interuptor (GFI).
  2. Check wiring of AC charger
    1. Red to positive post on battery
    2. Black to negative post on battery
  3. With the AC charger on the battery, measure the voltage of the battery using a volt meter. Voltage should be over 13V.
  4. Unplug the charger, and see if the voltage of the battery drops.
    1. If the voltage drops, charger is OK. If battery goes dead, check battery.
    2. If it doesn’t, check AC power (is charger LED on?), check fuse, check for submersion.
  5. If charger still doesn’t work Replace AC charger.

It is extremely rare for an 12V AC charger to go dead, but not uncommon for a fuse of a 24V charger to go bad with high heat. Add ventilation holes to Powerpack box if needed. Do not remove fuse, since this can cause an electrical fire.