Battery Test

12V batteries generally last about 3 years in this application. Proper maintenance such as booster charging, and maintaining fluid level can extend battery life. Batteries lose over 1% of their charge per month if not charged. Battery fluid should be checked every 3 months, and filled to within 1 inch of top of battery. A solar charger can not recover to a full charge if battery is drained beyond 50%.

If battery seems low perform the following tests:

  1. Check specifications of battery
    – Lift requires at least 500 CCA with a reserve capacity of 160 Amp Hours.
  2. Capacity test the battery using a (a) Voltmeter and Hydrometer or (b)a Capacity Tester
    • For a charged battery the Voltmeter should read over 12.5V and the Hydrometer should be over 75%
    • For a charged battery the Capacity tester should read “OK” and over 12.5V
  3. If battery is low, replace battery with freshly charged one, and see if it fixes problem.
  4. Check fluid level of battery, if low fill with distilled water or battery acid to 1/2″ from the top of battery.
  5. Charge Battery for 10 hrs with 10 amp charger and see if problem is fixed.
  6. Check for dead cells using Hydrometer sold at auto parts store.
  7. Replace dead battery or if over 3 years old.

All lifts use one battery, except the FL10, FL13, SL18 and SL24 use two batteries.
Use caution when replacing batteries not to knock off an old-style snap-on QD, or to knock off any small wires.