Cylinder Test

The only problems we have seen with cylinders are leaks (through the piston seal, through the shaft seal, or through the port), or shaft pitting on old steel shafts (white cylinders pre 2001), and squeaking (blue cylinders 2001-2003). The symptom of a bad cylinder is a loss of fluid, or a loud squeaking noise. Be careful not to misdiagnose a leaky hose fitting for bad cylinders.

If the lift is losing fluid (Cylinders may need to be brought above water to see.):

  1. Look for evidence of milky fluid coming from the shaft seal.
    • Underwater tape drifting on to the shaft of one of the first 20 FL10’s can cause the shaft seal to blow.
  2. Look for evidence of fluid leaking from welded port.
  3. Carefully inspect hoses for leaks, since hoses and fittings are most common cause of fluid leaking.

    If Boat can’t be lifted, but lift is not losing fluid:
    • Check for Cylinder Blow-by
    • Check pressure of pump
    • Check weight of boat, and capacity of lift.

    If loud squeaking noise is heard, cylinders are blue, and location is typically in Midwest or Florida:

    • Pull cylinders off lift, and test for squeak above water.
    • Squeaky blue cylinders need to be replaced with black cylinders which has an integrated scraper seal. All lifts after Sept 03 now have black cylinders. We are testing a lubricating additive which may fix this squeaking sound.