Pressure Test

The pressure of the lift is set at Sunstream by adjusting the Relief Valve A SunLift has one Relief valve, and a FloatLift has two. If the lift stops lifting the boat, while the motor is running, then it is likely the lift is not generating pressure. It could also be a sign of ‘Cylinder Blow-by’. Sometimes, you may need to adjust the pressure over several years.

  1. First verify lift works up and down without the weight of the boat.
  2. Using a pressure gauge, test the pressure of all the hydraulic lines. See Hydraulic Spec Table for values.
  3. If in an emergency, try screwing in the relief valve(s) a quarter turn. (first verify the boat is not over weight for the lift). Do not leave in this condition and remember to return to original setting if problem is not solved. Follow-up with adjustment using a pressure gauge.
  4. If pressures are ok, test for Cylinder Blow-By