The Sunstream TriLift™ is specifically designed to lift today’s premium pontoons/tritoons. Based on Sunstream SunLift™ patented technology, the Sunstream TriLift™ offers premium high-speed, remote-controlled lifting while addressing the unique lifting needs of today’s premium pontoons and tritoons. The Sunstream TriLift™ features elongated 17 ft bunks to provide optimal hull support that both minimizes stresses on the hull and evenly distributes weight on the pontoons to provide superior stability. Composite/aluminum bunks offer premium cushioning and protection for the pontoons and are designed to resist wear, scratch and mold. Like other Sunstream products, every detail has been carefully engineered for superior performance, aesthetics, reliability and long life.

Durable Construction
  • Designed for today’s pontoon & tritoons
  • Longer frame provides added stability on lift
  • Extended bunks delivers greater bunk pontoon hull support
  • Constructed from thick marine grade aluminum 6061-T6
  • All stainless steel hardware
Designed For Easy Use
  • Water-resistant transmitters and advanced remote controls technology
  • DockEase™ technology with reinforced vertical guide-ons, rolling cushioning tubes and canted bunks makes docking a breeze
  • Underhung bunk support cross beam option reduces required water depth by 6”
  • Composite bunks are durable and soft for hull support and protection
  • Patented Over-center GavityLockTM designed to keep boat up with no cables to break
  • SunFluid™ – Environmentally-friendly, water soluble hydraulic fluid
  • Fast & smooth remote controlled hydraulics
Use your boat like a car with the TriLift™.
  • SwiftShield™ – automatic boat cover system
  • Canopies – protection from sun and debris
  • Guide-ons – easier and safer docking
  • Bunk risers (for TriToons with larger center hull)
  • Leg mounted Powerpack shelf
  • Dock mounted Powerpack shelf
  • Range extension kits
  • Underwater LED lights

TriLift – US
Model Capacity (lbs) Std Lifting Ranges* Optional Lifting Ranges Capacity at Max. Lifting Range Bunk Length Frame Length Frame Width Weight (lbs) Lifting Speed (Typ.) Min. Water Depth Req. (Typ.) Min. Depth w/SWR Kit (Typ.) Remote Control Leg Lengths Available
SL7017PAR 6600 48″ 36″, 60″*** 5500 17′ 14.5″ 10′ 1100 40 sec 26″ N/A Std. 2′-24′
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