Quick-Disconnect Test

A Quick-Disconnect fitting seals off the flow when not connected, and opens the flow when properly connected. If a lift is not moving, or moves only a little, it could be due to a QD not being tight. In late 2002, Sunstream switched to a screw-type QD to assist in attaching and removal. It is common for a user not to tighten a screw QD all the way. The older snap-on QD can pop off occasionally, especially when changing out a battery.

To Test the QD’s:

  1. Verify all QD’s are properly seated. use a wrench to tighten screw-style QD’s.
    Note: if a screw-QD is operated without being seated, the inner seal can blow, causing leakage.
  2. If the lift is a first generation FloatLift with a snap-on QD, replace with a screw style QD set.
  3. To verify operation of a QD, mate it with an opposite QD and see if flow opens.