Remote Control

Remote Controls have been often misdiagnosed, and need to be carefully checked before replacing to make sure the problem is not caused by a low battery or incorrect wiring. Remotes will not operate if the battery is below 11v. The most frequent failures are a result of soaking, or being wired to 24 volts. un careful-handling can easily break the UP/DN switch.

If the lift works with the UP/DN switch but not the Transmitters:

  1. Check the Battery in the powerpack.
  2. Check the Transmitters
  3. Program a working transmitter to the RC. Replace RC if still does not work.
  4. heck for evidence of water soaking, such as rust on the pump.

If the UP/DN switch and the Transmitters don’t work (Reference RC Wiring):

  1. Check Battery in Powerpack.
  2. Next steps are for Model RC306 or older only.

  3. Check the RC Unit Fuse (RC Wiring). If fuse is blown, find out why.
  4. Verify RC Unit is wired correctly (RC Wiring).
  5. Check output on RC.
    1. Measure 12V or more on Powerpack Battery.
    2. Measure 12V+ on the Down Coil (Coil Voltage Test) when pressing the Down switch, but not when pressing Up switch.
    3. Measure 12V+ on the UP Coil (Coil Voltage Test) when pressing the Up switch, but not when pressing Down switch.
    4. Measure 12V+ on the Starter Solenoid trip wire when pressing either up or down.
    5. Measure 12V+ on Lights Wires(RC305D or E) or Terminals(RC306A) after pressing ‘Lights’ on programmed transmitter. If no power, check Fuse on Light wire.
    6. Repeat test using a transmitter.
    7. If output is dead, check for 12V+ downstream of fuse on RC power wire (12V+ to RC Unit) to check for broken wire.
    8. Look for evidence of water soaking.

If the UP/DN switch does not work, but Transmitters do.

  • Switch is most likely broken, or internal wire fell off switch. If the switch feels loose, most likely the switch was broken by something hitting it.
  • Replace RC if under Warranty
  • If not under warranty, customer may replace switch, or buy a new RC (or live without a switch).
  • The switch can be replaced fairly inexpensively by us or a dealer. We can special order a switch if needed.

Symptoms of an RC being fried by 24Volts (for FL10, FL13, SL18, SL24 only):

  • Main fuse blown (If applicable)
  • Switch works, but output is dead or strange when operated by transmitter.
  • Starter Solenoid fails at same time.