The first boat cover you will love to use.

Imagine covering or uncovering your boat in seconds, and giving your boat complete protection from the elements. No more hassling with multiple covers and painful snaps. No more figuring out which is the front of the cover. No longer taking up valuable space in your boat with a dirty cover. Just roll the cover from the front, drape it over the boat, and cinch it tight. The remote controlled, electric version powers the roller with a DC motor and is controlled with a keyfob transmitter. The manual version uses a winch handle. With a SwiftShield™, you will use your boat more, enhance your boating experience, and your boat will stay new longer!

Easy Operation
  • Cover or uncover your boat in seconds with remote controlled electric design or manual version.
  • No more snaps, or hassle
  • No more storing the cover on board
Best Protection
  • Keep your hull from fading, with side and stern coverage
  • Can be used under a roof or canopy
  • Custom fit to your boat
Practical Design
  • Universal design fits most boat lifts
  • Does not block views
  • Better security for the boat’s interior
SwiftShield™ S-Series
The first boat cover you will love to use.

Designed to fit most boat lifts.

  • Unroll Cover

    Unroll Cover

  • Unroll Cover 2

    Unroll Cover 2

  • Drape Over Corners

    Drape Over Corners

  • Pulling Cover

    Pulling Cover

  • Mechanism Closeup

    Mechanism Closeup

  • Mechanism


  • Full Protection

    Full Protection

  • Remote Control

    Remote Control

  • Remote control 2

    Remote control 2

  • Float Lift Cover 1

    Float Lift Cover 1

  • Float Lift Cover 2

    Float Lift Cover 2

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